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While planning out our business paperwork including the goals for the future of Marks Creek Farm we realized we needed to find a logo to start advertising ourselves. We wanted to keep it simple and even include some inside stories in the art. We finally settled on the logo below. The root vegetable represents the first things planted and harvested on this site. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events including our fall pumpkin picking!

We're back after a lengthy delay due to massive amounts of farm work. It's official, our first farm party, Stock The Barn, was a big hit. We've started collecting turnips, radish, and greens! Our water is a flowin' and that means we're grinnin'.


May 25, 2009

After a tough, rainless week of weeding, building, and working our full-time jobs we were all exhausted when we started farming today. Tons of weeding, scuffling, and raking were just tiring us out even more and the only highlight was some much needed rain.  We saw a few hawks hovering around and after stopping to admire them we quickly realized they were about to come down on the chickens enjoying the free range lifestyle. We needed a break. 

May 21, 2009

When i arrived on the farm on Wednesday we had a freshly mowed surrounding landscape, thanks to Chef Aaron, and 36 chickens! It's exciting to have a flock of dumb, yummy egg laying chickens around. Our rooster, who, for all Seinfield fans, i've started to call Little Jerry Seinfield, is very handsome and his ladies seem to be happy. They laid a dozen eggs as soon as they got there and haven't stopped since. 


May 19, 2009

After dealing with ticks for the last few weeks, it's nice to see that Jason is having a chicken coop built. Our hope is that we not only have a natural way to get rid of bugs, weeds, and even create fertizlier but that we also have a source of eggs and meat when the time comes. Katie suggested we call it the Egg McMansion. 

chicken coop
(Frankie continues work on a coop that will hold around 50 chickens)

May 18, 2009

After weeks of tilling, planting, and constant weeding we finally had some sprouts! Though there certainly has been no shortage of rain as late, our number one concern still remains water capture. Slowly we began to collect water barrels and totes and now have approximately 1000 gallons of storage capacity. 

April 27, 2009

April 8, 2009
Welcome to our new Farm Blog. It's my hope that you'll follow us through the long process of our quest to start a small scale (20 acres) organic farm, education center, and event space. We're proud to present our first entry and i've got a few people to thank and introduce first.