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I could barely sleep last night. I'd been hearing about this day for about a year and yesterday I read that it was finally happening. Today is a big day for my household as well as the City of Raleigh’s recycling program. After a loud commotion this morning, I looked outside to see my shiny, new, full-sized, blue rolling recycling cart. No more of those little green bins that are broken and don’t hold nearly enough waste, even for someone like myself in a household of only one. 



This is hard to do but I think admission is a good starting point. That being said...Hi. My name is Daniel and I am addicted to BLT's. Like any addict I have some points to bring up in my defense and to clarify my situation. 

First, for me, it's more about the T than the B & the L. (Don't get all crazy on me "bacon people")

I don't eat tomatoes all year long in anticipation of the first ripe tomato coming off our farm field. My cravings were particularly tough this summer because most tomato crops were damaged from the heavy rains. Our vines were delayed and we didn't have a lovely, ripe tomato until July 29. There were definitely several occasions where i almost cracked and tried some subpar product. 

Once the tomatoes begin producing, my cravings don't just grow in to addiction. No, I immediately hit rock-bottom for the length of the tomato season. That's about 6 weeks of hardcore, daily over-indulgence. When i run out of tomatoes, my detox begins. 

Lastly, I BLT at least once a day. Sometimes, if i'm feeling crazy, two or even three times in one day. 


Here are some easy ways to get you started...

1. Eat Local When You Eat Out - Find restaurants that source food locally.

2. Shop At Your Local Farmers Market - Find a Farmer's Market in your area to purchase seasonal produce.

3. Have Others Cook For You - Host a local foods potluck dinner.  A fun way to learn new recipes and spend time with friends.

4. Freeze More Food - Freezing is one of the easiest ways to preserve seasonal berries and vegetables to enjoy all year.

Animal Welfare Approved

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These 12 tricks and tips will get you through winter sickness and ailments. 

Thyme for a Cough

Vitamin C to Prevent a Cold

Garlic for a Runny Nose

Leafy Greens for Nosebleeds

Tea for Sore Throats

Carrots for Headaches

Nuts for Energy

Lavender for Anxiety

Pineapples for Better Digestion

For a quick health boost eat these 7 superfoods!






Dark Chocolate


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Well the time is here and we are all trying to decide real vs. fake this year.  After some research it obvious there is no definite answer.  Neither option is great for the environment, so which to choose? Here are some positive and negative aspects to each so you make your own decision.